Only Twin Testo

Testo Only Twin

Run, Tommy, run
Did you get all you want?
Did you drink their world dry?
And extinguish all the sunshine?

I didn't say that I felt the same
You just took it as read
As I closed all the blinds
And put you to bed, and read you all the last rites
It serves as a warning to me
Just like most of these days do
Cause I just wish that I could've just left you there, sitting in your own shit
Cause I know that you would me, too

See, cause I've trawled through all this before
And I've bought that skinny tee
With a big, black gaping hole where the heart should be
That says, "baby, I renounce thee"

Don't you die on me now

A kiss is now a circus show
The big top tent and neon glow
Through spectacles of rainbow red
You never feel your love till it's dead

Arm's length keep him
I stab but don't injure
No blood ever pours
Empty as a hole, and ever-depleting

One and four makes us whole
A bankrupt sea of love
Cannot swim above
Empty as a hole, and ever-depleting

I recoil from the blast
And look around me though
Neither friend nor foe
Empty as a hole, and ever-depleting