Sleeping Dogs And Dead Lions Testo

Testo Sleeping Dogs And Dead Lions

that slime looks so good on your face
one for charm, one for disgrace, cunt

in the back of the truck i find the antidote
all the passengers know it's time to jump the boat
your children will remember everything you say
never doubt that you're leading them astray

but you're welcome
you're welcome

but he cannot console cos he swallowed it whole

the millions will cry at the cut of his schpiel
paints his words red and kissed with his seal
he thinks that it's real but he's got it all wrong

you put the fun in disfunction with a steely shoe
to long a heaven to stretch on shorter skies of blue
if you could hold your head up find the sense to say
only then could laudation come your way

but you're welcome....

but i dealt it in spades
forgot what i had said

pronounce me dead longivity i can still find away
find in pages easy
polish and make greasy, coins in my hand's palm
unload on him it's easy, wind up and let go

saints informed, but i cannot appeal against this sentence