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Testo Superimposer

Sink, your depleted armies choke on fairytales
I'll pretend to care, you pretend to suffocate
I can wait
Cause the circumstances never change
I'll resuscitate what's drawn
I'll disengage feet from day

Backs into the wall, administrate
Forget all
That the faceless say
Pictures of adoration and hate
Hey, illiterate
Brittle bones always resonate

Show commendable front but little subtlety
I'll participate, you pretend to own a brain
Up the gain
Your articulation starts to wane
Try to forget 'em all

And evacuate
This vacuous exchange of curds and whey
Hey, degenerate
Your kicks don't always penetrate

Below the sea
A fabled land: maturity
Cunts with no face
And zero grace exacerbate
Holes as wide as me
Wide as the sea, sing in different keys
Kill the harmony
A dissonance to hang from trees

(This is how the wars get started)

They've no voices, just consequential
Immunity from reason
Bullets and at birth should be isolated
Protection from decency
Cause this is how the wars get started