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Testo Superimposter

Blurred spectacle
Let's call it romantic
On awakening I look straight at the sun
I'm pinned to the corner
Like the class clown

But once I get in front
I'll let you drown like a cat
Until I'm dealt that card
The engine's on
I'm in the car
One suck on the pipe
And I'll be gone

I'm accountable
I'm responsible
You could call me pragmatic
What took away the fame? Could it be built up again?
The acclaim and the constant eulogies
For class clowns like me

But once I get in front
I'll terrorize all I want
And the world won't turn
Stops and stagnates
This romantic dream
Keeps you in a cage
Should I not fraternize
With these angels I've loved?
But if I'm out of time
I'll say my goodbyes
And float downstream
And have cynics witness me
Grow rotten at the seams