No One Testo

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Testo No One

(Play the beat again, Ras)

If it ain't fam, I'm on no one's side
I'm no one's friend, no one's guy
Said he shot boxes, look at them prices
You ain't no plug, you just know one guy
Scene's full of pricks, man no one tries
Making shit tunes no one buys
No one's gang, no one rides
They all in one whip 'cause no one drives
My team's scared of no one's side
No one's fake here, no one lies
No one blys, no one gets off round here
Can't let no one slide
Tell them come back, no one hides
Man tried tell me his ends is hot
Oh now I ain't seen no one fried
No one got smoked, no one died
Sick of this scene man, no one's real
No one's shot man, no one's killed
Shit one-liners, no one's skilled
If I don't say this, no one will
Man do well, get bare 'congrats' tweets
But in the real life, no one's thrilled
Bare online friends, no one chills
That's why I am friends with no one still

Always on smoke, no one gas me
Man's had clashes, no one's had me
I will at man, no one's hacked me
Fuck your podcast blud, don't chat me
No one's rough so no one act it
If I turn up bet no one chat's shit
(P and dem lot always rush guys)
It's not our fault no one backs it
It's not my fault no one's on me
No one came for, no one wronged me
Man tried air me, smacked off you man
Ever since then, no one longs me
No one brought me, no one showed man
They had PRS, no one told man
How many festivals did I bring our sound?
Still they act like no one owes man

I don't need no one's blessings
I clean up shows no one's gettin'
I get money and actually buy clothes
They got stylists, no one's flexing
"Grime is dead, ain't you lot left that?"
Beg you shut up, no one's said that
If he did, it's just an opinion
I don't get why no one gets that
Fam this is why no one's murkin'
Grime MC's doin' hip hop challenges
Man's not rating no one's version
Bare shit freestyles no one's searchin'
What you doin' here? Fuck off, thank you
Sprayed your hardest, no one jacked you
Uninvited, no one rang you
Fam, you're lucky no one slapped you
Bare gun lyrics but no one's got one
They mention shows, no one's got none
Never saw no one in your tees bro
Yes, I'm saying that, no one copped one
When you hear this, no one phone me
This scene acts like no ones phony
Got no contracts, no one owns me
Did this my way, no one showed me
My own money, no one loaned me
Smacked up my man, heard they're cousins
I'ma act like no one told me
We're not family, no one bro me
I'm not bothered about no one's business
But they talk bare crud, no one's witness
I'm just freein' up all this realness
Like how come no one did this?