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Testo Player One


I made my first grand from teeth in a auto mobile
When I was young never thought that i will
Then I passed my test in 2 double O 7
And I was killing MC's 'cause man had a licence to kill
Back then i had a Corsa
Now I've got something that will Merc man
I'm running with a whip enforcer
Metal gear in the glove compartment
I'm on a mug ting
I'm a rugby sport star
You're not shooting bro, you're Lukaku
Ain't bought my CD then I won't at you
I'll hit man with a CD so hard that you'll wake up with a bar code tattoo
I've got bangers I won't be stressing
This year is a anthem ting I ain't messing
I can tell Electronic Arts wasn't really your thing in school cause you ain't finessing
I don't drink cause I'm a G
Won't see me with a Strong Bow in a pub G
In a fortnight you'll be breading them cheese biters
You're some pizza hut freak
Charisma you won't hear my no P
You've got some big money shopping you know me
Buying up Oxford street, Bond street and Regent Street
My real life is like my no P
And a few girls want me to have em
Cause she heard every wish is now my command
If she holds the balls I'm a drag 'em
Sounds super! What you saying? Lets pattern
Roulette Either you're betting black or red is dead
But you choose G
Gun shots might amuse me
I'm use to that sound that's call of duty

I roll with bloodhounds
They got the crow
So much smoke cause tickley throat
It could be blessed they are still on smoke
Sub Zero yeah still on smoke
Frost on the ground watch where you step
Jump in the whip no need to rev
I don't need a boost I will spin on the spot you'll still lose
'Course, on this course I'll merc the race
I came to shell down in the first place
Two big screens in my whip no gas
I've got a double digital dash
You can't take the crown from the king
Test me lick off your head like gin
Leave your whole crew spread on the floor
I came to enforce martial law
Some times I laugh when I think way back
Man came to the ends and got their gun jacked
Mission failed, robber got robed
Move correct when you're on the odd jobs
Serious, or it might get complex
Temple get caved in now you're vex
You can't scream mayday fam
When your jaw is wired up that's the plan
Fuck up and bruck up the spinal cord
Can't send for me fam straight
Big man teenager or kid
Best know who you came to war with
Mans active
Reload the beat man don't chat shit
Drag man to the canals and back-flip
Kick man off the bridge, fam I'm bat shit
Crazy leave a man like ghost
That shits Jammie
Time trials

2010 had them ruling
You know FIFA is the ting I've been ruling
No cap I killed it when gaming
I beast no noose, like the first time I came in
I'm over the watch and I'm maining the peace
500 thousand I ball with no lease
Lambo whent purple to gold
Film for a vid, trying to see my value increase
Get a milli to milli for doing it all
Milli for milli for learning aboard
Milli for milli for doing it silly
Highly contagious in all of my ages
I'm moving it silly
I'm balling but you knew that with the Beerus
Searching for that cleaner need to finish him like gear us
But he don't want to come back
Miss me with that storming and chit chat
6 rounds apon chin I'm on that
From that new age I didn't need a halo to come up
Look at the teeth
You can tell this nigga chief
Interdependently braking the charts
Don't need a menu when I'm looking to make the parts
Don't need a menu I'm just loving the arts
Love a b on the rocks, love a b on the docks
Causing a option or assumptions, dying to get me
Unpredictable so they will never forget me