Journey Through The Life Testo

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Testo Journey Through The Life

[Nas] Yo, Yo

[Puffy] Gansta, Gansta

[Nas] Gansta Yo

[Puffy] That's Right

[Nas] Journey Through the life of some real niggas
[Puffy] Some real niggas, You'll never see what I've seen


When I sleep I dream of bodies in streams of blood

Naked bitches, dead nigga's ghost, Feds with toast

Knockin' my door down sweat poor down my body

Roast from the heat so I soak my sheets

Wake up shiverin', pull my hoe close to me, she sexy

Every night is different pussy since my girl left me

And I tried to make her stay with me, but I stay busy
And her friends are cut-throats, they deep throat to lay with me

I reminisce how I miss a stare in this space

Resort to the lips of a stripper, sprayin' their face

Lampin' in a mansion, home alone

I hear footsteps, shit I kicks just not lyrics

I hold a fifth, wonderin' if ten shots can stop spirits

If nigga's try to rob me then I won't hear it

Cause it's different from the streets, I'm missin' my hood now

Missin' all the blocks cuz I'm surrounded by woods now

It's supposed to be good now

It's like I'm walkin' tight rope and can't look down

Fire below me

Now the fantasies I have for women are unholy

Success, thousand dollar bottles impress

Models with fat ass and big breasts

Floor seats, Knicks vs. Nets, private jets

Millionaire heir to Antigua, with Ananda, the MTV diva

Nas, how do we survive all this mess? (I didn't survive)

East vs. West the rap game where words became flesh

A whole pound of herb won't desolve my stress

Still I ride to the death, love hip-hop

Cause Afrikabababa was def, a lot of respect

Feel Me? Fuck to the rock Sean John jury

I got the same hands of crap platinum and the crap pyramids

Write about the black experience, sell it to Marimax

Tell me if you feelin' that

1 - [Lil' Kim & Joe Hooker]

Take a journey through the life of these real niggas

The things that they seen it would thrill niggas

If you've seen what they've seen, you would wonder

Through the rain and the pain and the thunder

By the time that you realized that it's goin' down

You may find yourself going underground

When they see that this life is upon us

We would see that there's no one that we can trust

[Beanie Sigel]

You can never see what I see, motherfucker

Beanie Sigel, the realest nigga from the streets was taught

Stay cased up nigga, stay deep in court

Reminiscin' on that cold cell, deep in thought

Gettin' skinny, couldn't eat, cause the meat was poor

Ya'll niggas couldn't live my life, I've been through it

Streached up in hospital beds, fed fluid

Two bullets hit my leg, one passed through it

Saw the blood and the hole in my calf, looked through it

My life's no joke, I don' played dice with soap

Upstate the case niggas slice your throat

Wear your boxers in the shower when you gaurd your soap

I done seen the biggest nigga's in the yard get broke

I done took blocks through war, took blocks for fall

Took blocks to Wall for box of raw

What you think 33 in the glock is for?

Black fatigues, skullies and binoculars,

C4, block your doors, nigga's can't stop this war

I show you faggots what this Swatz' is for

Hidding spots in the door for the glocks is for

Read the papers, '94 I took the cops to war

Half of ya'll niggas livin' a lie

Only reason you switchin' up your droid is cause you keep gettin' robbed

I looked that nigga in the eyes before I send him to God

Beanie Sigel, desert eagle, the realest nigga alive

Repeat 1


Aiyo, Aiyo, Gansta, Gansta

The Bible has words that Christ wrote, evil men sacrifice goats

I speak all my life under oath

Since a kid, troublesome

Thrownin' shit at little girls jump ropes

Bustin' B-B Guns at stray cats, that was way back

Watched it die, covered in flies

Then I picked up a stick, try to dig in it's eyes

Makin' dirt pies, na, being buggy-eyed shit

And every other nigga that rap, sound like my shit

I wear chrome 45's with ice on the grip

I don't shoot it, I roll with killers and criminals

With heroin habits they picked up from the penile

They let you have it, all I do is give them a smile

Lifestlyes of the realest, you ain't ruthless you bitch

I got a pine box just your size, I know it'll fit

Your whole life's a mistake, stop holdin' the pen

Kill yourself, come back as a man over again

Cause in this lifetime I'm reignin', slay men

Leave your whole body cold

Your nails grow long, you get gray skin

May this nigga rest in peace, Amen

I run with brave men, straight out the housin', we wildin'

Names engraved in the pavement

Brick building, grown ladies jump off the roof

Nigga get paged, then murdered at the phonebooth

New York streets made me nigga, it's crazy nigga

Repeat 1

door RMK