Seniorita Testo

Testo Seniorita

[singing by India]

Sabes bien que fue un engaño

lo que me hiciste fue un pecado

asi mismo me engañaste


You know well it was a lie

what you did to me was a sin

that's the way you betrayed me....

Verse One: Puff Daddy

Honey I keep you hot and wet, just flooded with ice
And you can spend all day and chill, all night

Come sleep with the king, peep what I bring

Every few weeks it's a bigger size ring

Carats ain't nuttin when the cabbage ain't nuttin

I got habits like goin to Paris I ain't frontin

You can never need for nuttin, only one pipe

Would you like to go to dinner, wit Jordan and his wife?

Am I moving fast? It could happen real soon

Thousand dollar shoes, dance in ballrooms

You know the dress, that got the party impressed

You'll only wear it one time, cause the world is mine

I try to address it, but you never get the message

You the water in my life and I'm trapped in the desert

I never seen a honey sweeter, won't stop

till I get her cause I need her, my senorita

Chorus: Puff Daddy (singing)

Mami ven aqui, I wanna be your

papi chulo can't you see? (mi amor)

Baby I need you conmigo

Your style is my steelo te necesito aqui

(te necesito yo a ti, te amo)

Baby come to me (2X)

Verse Two: Puff Daddy

Her name is Carmen, she live down in Spanish Harlem

And I think I have the key to her secret garden

When I seen her, I used to want to beg her pardon

But I was scared, I ain't really have the heart

And when she walked by, I would panic, even though

I was cool with her pops Lou, the mechanic

Went to school with her brother, that's right

I never could build up the words to express how I loved her

Long hair, pretty face, slim waist

The kind that you marry and take to another place

[India sings again]

and exchange vows, spend thous

Make love in a hot tub, where there's a hot towel

She'll be loyal without being spoiled

You can shuck all you want but she's still gonna ignore you

Makes no sense to say mida

Cause bet she won't turn him around, she's my senorita


Verse Three: Puff Daddy

I rock regular clothes, as well as Gucci too

And if you don't believe me, ask Groovy Loo

You're beautiful, so I stay true to you

I think you oughta see things like Bermuda boo

No cooperation, got me walkin around pacin

Patient, waitin for my day of penetration

Your relationships is bullshit, your man is a prick

with a little bit of bricks and a whip baby

Please, I got plenty of V's

What you want the pink C-2, or the yellow 3-2-5

That's when I opened my eyes

I was dreamin, damn it was all a surprise

But it felt real, I hopped up in a wet chill

Yet still gotta keep this one concealed

Even though I never got a chance to meet her

I still need her, cause she's my senorita


*Puffy talking over the chorus*

*India sings her part from the beginning again*


*woman singing, man talking*

door RMK