A Critique From Moe-t Testo

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Testo A Critique From Moe-t

What'd you think?
I mean, I thought it was pretty dry. I thought your, your. The high-end in, in your vocals could've been a lot higher 'cause you don't have any presence in it. And I think overall in the tracks, like, the dynamics could be enhanced upon as far as the, it just sounds flat. There's no highs, there's no lows. There's no, there's nothing that hits
*Laughter* What do you, what? What about "enhanced"?
What could be enhanced? The dynamics could be enhanced?
You don't understand "enhanced"? Am I using too big of words?
Dynamics enhanced, frequencies, you don't understand these things? Could only imagine your guys' studio sessions
Sitting around, "turn the doo-hickey off!"
*Laughter* "Doo-hickey."
Well damn, so you, so you hate it?
No, I don't hate it
You wish it didn't exist
No. I wish this conversation didn't exist
Alright, well, you gotta, you gotta go, don't you?
Alright, yeah, I gotta go
Well, thanks for the feedback
Yeah, I'll see you guys
Prolly won't
*Door closes*
Well damn, so what do we do bro?
We're not changing shit