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Testo Catch You Up

Hit the Billboard charts, iTunes see my name right next to Drake
Try to take this smile off of my face
Jordan year for real
This is validation, can't believe we made it here
Me, Chris, Bruce, Moe sittin' 'round lookin' at each other, like
"What the hell is going on? Moe-T, double-check the numbers"
Yeah, all the shit we went through to get here
And all the tough conversations, man
All the broken relationships
Took way more than just patience, man
(Took way more than just patience, man) (Patience, man)
(Took way more than just patience, man) (Patience, man)
No more nine-to-five, right? I can say I really rap-rap now
Book the flight home, I got some people to laugh at now, yeah
Finally here, time to hit the road and meet the fans
No idea what we gettin' into, everything packed in a minivan
Nothing like seeing the love in real-time
People be knowing the words already
People be spilling their guts to me, man
This shit is hitting me so heavy, yeah

For your first tour, how did it go? What was your experience?
Basically everything we expected and, and more. Like, the turnouts were, were real good. And the fans blew us away. Like, it was really fun to be able to meet you guys face-to-face

Back off road, pack shit, split ways, wave goodbye to L.A
If we never leave the studio, what's the point in bein' there anyway?
Set up shop in Arizona, me, Sleeve, and Moe-T
Lotta people turn Hollywood, we keep it low-key
Business decisions like, "Moe can't produce everything"
"What's the ceiling for The Specktators?" "Can this really be a forever thing?"
Twelve hours straight going back-and-forth
Trying to go the right direction when
Name change could be career-ending
No change would be a slow death
You don't get here being indecisive
You don't get here without pulling triggers
You don't make it out with no mistakes
'Long as they mine, I'll live wit' 'em
Packy with a "y," Speck the label
Same difference when we drop shit
Love to the day one fans
Lost some people in the process
South by Southwest, met with the Green Mitten boys
Told 'em we were going on tour, let us know if you're down to join
Just like that, we hit the road
One month later, we were bros
Moved back home to get the label poppin'
No way of knowing how it'd go, yeah-yeah

It's cool to be able to say I make music for a living right now. What would be cooler is if I could say I make music for a living and I don't have anything in the back of my head thinking, 'Oh God, what if this, you know, ends.' But I'm definitely happy right now, I'm in a good place, and you're the reason

Still no agent, no manager
No A&R, no publicist
They would take the money that we gave them
But they'd never go and run with it
Still, our platform growing, still we having fun with it
Still that diamond in the rough, still 'Mad Lifey' in this bitch
Now I feel I'm treading water though, I feel like I hit a plateau
I dropped 'Area 51' and that shit landed on a bad note
We could see the music landscape changing
I'ma need to find some inspiration
I'ma need to blank-slate this shit
'Never-Ending Mixtape' this shit
I'ma need a big break this year, competition going up
People fake it 'til they make it, that ain't never been us
Never paid for no follower, I ain't pay for no plays
Maybe I'd be rich if I did, maybe I'm stuck in the old days
If it's love, I want real love, that's the type that I give
I would love me some more love, if I don't get it, I'll live
Every album is a piece of me, I be scared to give too much
But I think it's been too long, hope that this can catch you up