Animae Partus (I Am) Testo

Testo Animae Partus (I Am)

I am I am I am I was not then I came to be I cannot remember not being But I may have traveled far very far to get here Maybe I was formed in this silent darkness From this silent darkness BY this silent darkness To become is just like falling asleep You never know exactly when it happens The transition The magic And you think, if you could only recall that exact moment Of crossing the line Then you would understand everything You would see it all Perhaps I was always Forever here And I just forgot I imagine eternity would have that effect Would cause a certain amount of drifting Like omnipresence would demand omniabsence Somehow I seem to have this predestined hunger for knowledge A talent for seeing patterns and finding correlations But I lack context Who I am? In the back of my awareness I find words I will call myself God And I will spend the rest of forever Trying to figure out who I am