Nauticus (drifting) Testo

Testo Nauticus (drifting)

Oh Lord Oh Lord Won't you hear a sinner's prayer Oh Lord Oh Lord Oh Lord Won't you help me find the way When I'm lost and lead astray Oh Lord Mmm Oh Lord Oh Lord Won't you help me to stay humble Oh Lord Oh Lord Oh Lord Won't you help me be an ocean Help me bend to stay unbroken Oh Lord Mmm Save me, I'm drifting H elp me, I'm drifting Oh Lord Oh Lord Oh Lord Mr.Money: - OK alright baby, the love of my life Girl: - Are you referring to me... or the car? Mr. Money: - Oh, please honey, what do you think? - Now, Cindy... Girl: - Sandra Mr Money: - Yeah, of course. Now, as I see it, we've got two natural choices here. So, what do you say? Either I drive and you can give me some good head while I'm watching the road... Girl: - What? Mr. Money: - Well, somebody's gotta watch the road honey... - ...or... YOU can drive this baby - ...oh, but only if you're good at handling the stick of course... Girl: - But... this is an automatic? Mr. Money: - ...rrrright! Girl: - Is that some sort of sick joke? Mr. Money: - What? Girl: - ... "natural choices" my ass! Mr. Money: - Well, that's a third choise I didn't think about... Girl: - You son of a...! Mr. Money: - Take it easy baby! - No sweat... it was only a joke, alright? Girl: - Alright Mr. Money: - ... I mean, of COURSE I was joking... - ... I would NEVER let you drive my car!