Lock Up The Lab Testo

Testo Lock Up The Lab

[Mista Meanor]
Got to make them pay, ok
We got to peep out the plate
Cause niggas is kickin' in doors, and
Killin' niggas every day
First thing's first
We need some balls on this bitch
Cause if they kickin' in doors man we gone be sick
Prime round up the crew because we need to have a meetin'
Plus I seen his Cutlass on the corner so they creepin'
Beep DE-Del's he got a Fully Automatic
Hit Landen on the phone and let him know but the static
Catch the door because I hear somebody knockin'
Grab the Glock because you know they out there plottin'
It's the crew, let 'em in it's about time
Cause niggas is gettin' to lax in this
Fuckin' World of crime
Fella's take a seat and listen to what I have to say
Some niggas in a Cutlass try'na bring the noise our way
Peeped his game, I got a plot on them snitches
We Lock up the lab and put an ends to them bitches
Tim you got an Nine an AK and a Automatic
Threat got to get the Tec's out that mother fuckin' attic
Drama Squad I held this fuckin' meetin' for a reason
Cause it's 95 the playa haters fuckin' season
All for one, one for all that's how we ball
There's Muslims in the hood
Out there slangin' furl call
I tell you the truth, I tell you no lie
I hope I die cause Drama Squad is takin' over 95
His game is cold, we got to be colder cause we older and
Since we older we got to be fightin' like fuckin' soldiers
Cause I ain't goin' down for no niggas nor no feds
The best thing we need to do is
Lock up the Lab

[Kangol Slim]
Now Meanor I peeped yo block
Now peep this
I say we mob up and turn them niggas into Swiss
Cheese that is got to beep Landen for the 95
Cause niggas be takin' no jobs
They want a nigga dead or alive that ain't shibe
Lock up the Lab, put away the Slab
Laugh it's gonna be a bloody blood
By a nigga try'na take my dividends
Still got a friend Benjamin Franklin
Check his plot so there's proof
Meanor get on that roof
Call me and he gone be a goner
Somebody be strong on that corner
Everybody run behind a tree
Lookin' for the Bee's if they move then squeeze
Triggers on yo gun
Yeah we bout to have a Lil' fun

[Gun Shots]