Tameka And Keisha Testo

Testo Tameka And Keisha

(feat. Nickel Slick)

[Nickel Slick]

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
This is for the projects,
Ha, ha
This is for the projects,
Yo, yo, yo, yo

[Chorus: Kangol Slim]

I met this hoe named Tameka,
And she said she wanna meet'cha,
And she said she wanna do ya,
But that's all on U, brah
She got a friend named Keisha,
And she said she wanna meet'cha,
Got some thangs she can teach'cha,
I ain't gone lie they some freaks, brah

[First Verse: Nickel Slick]

Now when I say she vicious,
The type you wanna make your Mrs.,
She freaky,
Probably right now as we speakin',
Can't trust her, it's like a habit she can't quit,
Suckin' a nigga dick, or fuckin' a nigga clique,
And she got a partner, that's as cold as her,
I ain't gone lie, I don't love 'em, I just fuck 'em, brah,
I just damage their lil' wombs, and I duck them, brah,
One time I hit them hoes, in the back of the car,
I tore that pussy up so bad, would have thought it was war,
We killed some redbones, when it's on it's on,
She asked me bout my friends, so I called Dejon,
But she bout some clique shit,
So I called the pound and she wanted more dick,
These hoes can go,
She hit Priest, she hit Del, and the Weez fa sho,
Say she like the accent, cuz I'm from the N.O.,
Then I turned on the fest cuz she was talkin' the mess


[Second Verse: Misdemeanor]

Three in the mornin', rug burnin' in the Z-ride,
Me and this miss here, lookin' like "Mama may I?",
Searched her thighs as we cruised in the state high-rise,
Close your eyes, feel the vibe,
All in favor say "I",
Thug passion, so we mashin', to the tele,
Room 86, with candlesticks I'm in that belly,
Poo-nanny so good, you make a nigga wanna sell it,
What's my name chick? Better yet, how you spell it?
Cuz I go deep, like Randy Moss,
I be swingin' through your jungle like a modern day Tarzan,
See we can, go high and upgrade it to grands,
So when Tameka added Keisha, the shit got banned,
You know what's happenin' ladies,
You brings flames to the attraction ladies,
Hot girl, cold World I'm bout that action baby,
One night stand with the man of all men,
After one it's wee-wee hours I be booty callin'


[Third Verse: Kangol Slim]

My nigga 'Meanor hooked me up with this hoe by the name of Keisha,
When I met this hoe I was like I'm glad to meet'cha,
Teach ya, some of the things you like to do,
Baby girl before you start, lemme round up the whole crew,
Call up the crew, tell'em to come all in a hurry,
We met this fine bitch straight from out the Roxbury,
Ass shake just like jelly everytime the bitch walk,
She breakin' some nigga heart, but it ain't my fault,
Because me and my niggas gonna straight up stab the hoe,
We gone fuck her like a dog and send her out the door,
I don't love them hoes,
He don't love them hoes,
He don't love them hoes,
He don't love them hoes,
We don't love them hoes,
She fucked seven niggas in one day,
Wasn't even askin' for pay, we gave her twenty dollars anyway,
We played her just like a cheap bitch,
Cheap bitch play fit,
Twenty dollars? You can't do much of shit, you trick