Jesus Of Nazareth Testo

Testo Jesus Of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth What do you think of us When all we do is think of us? Jesus you were neither black nor white The son of an Israelite How did you get so westernised? Turn the water into wine I tell the world you're a friend of mine Then I want justice for them but grace for me How can it be that you love me? Jesus if the 21st century Was when you came down to set us free Would you build yourself a sanctuary? Jesus of Nazareth Would you have your own TV network And call it sermon on the satellite? Heal the sick and give sight to blind Outside your church but also deep inside My self-righteousness is your enemy How can it be that you love me? Jesus no-one said things like you And if what you said and did were true I would have to give my life to you Raise the dead and tear the curtain down Breathe your life but let religion drown Set the captives free and start with me I do believe that you love me