Running Away From You Testo

Testo Running Away From You

There's no reason to hide this way We're moving further apart each day You're the one that I trust Crossing the border looking for questions To all the answers in my mind Through Indiana and into Chicago Feeling the winds of compromise South in Kentucky traffic is go slow Sentence my patience to doing time We roll into Nashville Sad country songs just seem to rhyme There's no reason to hide this way Moving further apart each day And you're the one that I trust But I'm running away from you I'm running away from you And it's got to stop And now is the time I pack in a suitcase all my opinions I wish I could lose them on the flight We cross Carolina the Atlantic beside her And swallow the Georgia countryside Alone in a truck stop thinking about you My coffee as cold as our goodbye And sweet Alabama I wish I could find a home tonight Now is the time to listen the hour of freedom The power to let it all go To rebuild the bridges surrender defences And fall like the sun on the snow Throwing down the stones of my self-righteousness I am found and forgiven by your sweet caress I was running away from you