My Own Mother's Son Testo

Testo My Own Mother's Son

I was sittin' in the dark of a summer park
Playing paper, scissors, and stone
Minding my own
But playin' alone

When I noticed all the rest in their shorts and vests
Singing Harrison's 'Here Comes the Sun'
I needed a gun
The fight had begun
I did not go to song, you see
The song just came to me
Like afternoon to evening shade
Like lumberjack to tree

It pinned me down like wrestler
And would not let me be
Held me down in deathly grip
The count of '1,2,3'

I've been fanning the flames of heated debate
Since 1978
Left the teacher shocked
At the old school gate

So I walked away in the month of May
With the long-distance vision of June
Hummin' a tune
Payback soon
I did not choose the melody
The tune just called my name
And after just one taste of it
I knew just where to aim

I did not clamber onto stage
Fame just blinded me
I did not wander, open mouth
For world to disagree

Life is never easy
When you've tattooed on your tongue
Very rarely 'Am I right?'
But never 'Am I wrong?'

From arguments that came to me
To songs I always sung
I'm my own worst enemy
And my own mother's son
I'm my own mother's son...
That I can't deny...
My own mother's son...