The Snowman Testo

Testo The Snowman

Snowman doesn't really melt
He just slowly falls apart
'Cause no-one built a snowgirl
To heal his broken heart

We walk through life like snowmen
And gradually we melt
'Cause no one seems to understand
The feelings that we felt
I'll love somehow
In this winter rain
Left just hat and scarf
Beneath the window pane

Spring pops his head up
From underneath the sheets
And the cold and dark of winter
Begins its long retreat

Blossom brightly doffs his hat
At everyone he greets
And the love you showed for me
Has come and gone

Guy Fawkes dummy roamin' town
We beg for 50p
Hold our freezing hands out thinkin'
'I wish this wasn't me'
Carrot for a nose ain't bad
Piece of coal for eyes
A bunch for twigs for lovin' arms
When nothin' can disguise

This night is done
I'm burning bright
I'm up with snowman's heart
Into the night

Winter drops its silent leaves
Like bombs upon a sun
Like a swarm of bees, we embrace the breeze
With nowhere left to run

And the fly begins to yearn the warmth
Of the web the spider spun
And the love you showed for me
Has come and gone

With hat and scruffy jacket
Strangers pass me by
Comfort and November's here
And it's time for us to die