Hang 'em High Testo

Testo Hang 'em High

They're pointing at you behind your back, they're calling you names
But you always know what they do, the aggression that grows
When you're alone they try to attack, one day you explode
It's gone too far, you're full of hate, can't take it anymore

Chorus (4x):
hang 'em high ...
hang 'em high - hang 'em high!

Now it's time for their punishment, you'll get them one by one
So you can see the fear in their eyes, they're praying to be reprieved
Show no mercy, hang 'em high, remember what they've done
Get the cowards, get 'em all, it's their time to run

Chorus (4x)

hang 'em high, hang 'em high - Let the cowards hang high! (4x)

Chorus (repeat)