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Testo Trendy Wankers

Trendy wankers - Fuck off! ... (2x)

Going to the disco every Friday, acting like a wanker, looking like shit
Always following the latest trends, you really make me want to puke
trendy cunts you really make me sick, I hate you, get out of my way
Fuck the discos, fuck you all, I don't like you, you make me pissed off

Chorus (4x):
trendy wankers, trendy wankers ...
I hate you all - Fuck off!

Burn the discos to the ground, give the wankers what they deserve
I really hate your trendy music, sounds like shit, turn it off
MTV on the television, I put my boot in the TV-screen
That's enough, you're too much, you wankers are destroying my day

Chorus (4x)

Trendy wankers - Fuck off! ... (2x)