Lady Godiva Testo

Testo Lady Godiva

Seventeen, a beauty queenShe made a ride that caused a sceneIn the townHer long blonde hairHangin' down around her kneesAll the cats who dig stripteasePrayin' for a little breezeHer long blonde hairFalling down across her armsHiding all the lady's charmsLady GodivaShe found fame and made her nameA hollywood director came into townAnd said to her"How'd you like to be a star?""You're a girl that could go far""'specially dressed the way you are"She smiled at himGave her pretty head a shakeThat was Lady G's mistakeA-hey-hey-heyLady GodivaHe directs certificate 'X'And people now are craning their necksTo see her'cause she's a starOne that everybody knowsFinished with the striptease showsNow she can't afford her clothesHer long blonde hairLyin' on the barber's floorDoesn't need it long anymoreLady Godiva