Knight In Rusty Armour Testo

Testo Knight In Rusty Armour

Long ago in days of oldThere lived a knight whoWasn't quite as boldAs a knight should beHe rode an old grey mare called BessSearchin' for a damsel in distressJust to see if heCould set her freeSee the knight in rusty armour rideTo her aidTrusty swodr is hanging at his sideWith a rusty bladeUp the tower steps he sneakedBut as he movedHis rusty armour squeakedSuch a mournful noteAnd all the sentries at their postsThought it must have been the castle ghostThey jumped for their livesIn the moatSo the knight in rusty armour wonHis fair maidHad no need to draw his trusty swordWith a rusty bladeAs he bent to kiss his brideHe found that he wasRusted up insideIn his battle dressAnd I can't guessHow they still got marriedAnd had twinsThey came in tinsEvery suit of armour ever madeHas a kinkChain mail pants with a missing link