A Scream For Change Testo

Testo A Scream For Change

Some big mouth politicians create a mess,
by acting on what they think is best,
complaining about things they want to re-arrange,
no knowledge just a scream for change!

The environment is on the news each day,
about how we pollute and what experts got to say
about that, government forbids things in our nation,
but what pollution comes from their domination?
They don't think when they start a war,
now where are your principals for a better world?
(scream for a change for a better world)

Wasting to destroy, what's wrong in their eyes,
pollution should be fought on bigger scale,
lives should be spared by stopping the wars

Why is this world domination?
the government creating permitter separation
To murder foreign nation,
we're all so proud of discrimination,
not right no hero!

Our fate is set right where we stood,
now there's killing, what's so good?
Your government extinct pollution they say,
but on the other hand waste life away!

They think that the world is in their hands,
but that's just something no one can
Killing enemies limiting friends,
not green secure or being defended!
We may never know in which direction
they will go they will pick a law and we won't know

Why is a lying legislation the government is forcing,
a scream for change yet still we complain for a better nature,
but we don't see that the fault lies right by ourselves, by ourselves!