Progression On Pause Testo

Testo Progression On Pause

Last time I saw you walking,
still in the same group

You've followed the path were I took off
I've met new people new habitats
You guys stayed together got left behind
The gap has been expanded in just days,
you still don't take it serious take the world for granted,
still stuck in your own truth!
Progression on pause,
I'd like to see it resume
But I guess that's to much to ask from you you
see the world as one big adventure,
no one can enter your realm of the big laugh
Definitely no serious business allowed

No one is big enough to stand in your way,
together you'll make it

Without having to face fears is alone,
so no need to grow in this life

Time to stay stuck without a strive
Laid back no need to worry we'll get catched,
we've always been catched

It's a wall we must break through
the entire group will fall apart and then it's just you