Secrets Testo

Testo Secrets

You're telling me all the news that's fit for me to know. You're asking me questions when you know where the answers go You're giving me "choice": Right or Left, on the same two-headed snake while you cover up my voice like ice on a frozen lake Don't tell me, I know You've got secrets to keep while we sleep you'll find us another cold war that's all about dreams we don't know that we're working for I dream at night of four color lovers in places I'll never be. I'm a star being born between magazine covers on the ready-to-wear high sea it's reality-ware TV! Don't mind me, I know You've got secrets to tell... like Hell! you'll promise a dream of relief, of fame and wonder, but deliver another long hard road to grief {Distorted rap:} Don't tell me you've got secrets to tell you're livin' in sin while we're livin' in hell fire in the kitchen is the secret you smell in your fief, Thief! We need relief, not this long hard road through a life of grief Don't leave me, I'll go we've got secrets to keep and we'll sleep and dream up another Cold War about time, and saving and taking our ease and all of the beautiful, fabulous things we spend our lives settling for