The Golden Center Testo

Testo The Golden Center

I saw the man feeding on twelve lumps of coal I felt the draw of his personal need, felt myself fall into his soul. A baker's dozen falling into his soul I held the man, still losing my way showered by a hail of guilt I turned my back and stumbled away I left him down and stumbled my way You can walk away you can search for days for all things in the world that are true but the golden center is: you the golden center... I found the man lying in a field of woe I reached inside him, my breath held still I felt his blood stain my hands and had to let go Left for dead in the world below You can run away you can fast for days or taste all in the world for what's true but the golden center is you he got in line with the rest pealed the mask from his face cast the smile away corrupt with disgrace he discarded belief fragmented by grief he lived the big damage he lived the big damage he chose the big damage He chose. He walks alone down a road of despair sees through a glass stained darkly without hope of repair Between rage and forgiveness is a life so unfair? Is life so unfair? You can run for days, You can hide away, go down fighting, for pride like a fool? (but) the golden center is you The golden center is you The golden center is you? There's no ?blood & pain?, no streets coated in rain... can run for days.... you can run for days.. can run for days... ... run away the golden center... taste all in the world, for the things that are true love all of the girls, for the one who'll love you run from the beauty that you have inside you rage at yourself when you don't have a clue The golden center is you the golden center is you