Good Sex Testo

Testo Good Sex

(feat. Twista)

[Intro: Kellz N Twista]
Where Da Homies At?
Where Da Girls At?
Can U Get Wit That?
R.Kelly N Twista
Where Da Homies At?
Where Da Girls At?
Can U Get Wit That?
R.Kelly N Twista

I Can Tell Just By Lookin At Yo Body
When U Walk Up In The Club Girl
That U Got Good Sex
Even Though I Haven't Test It
Best Believe That I Can Trust It
When I Look At U
That U Got Good Sex
And I'm Tryin 2 See What's Dat Like
When We Leave This Club Tonight
Cuz Girl I Can Tell
That U Got That Good Sex
So Put Yo Hands Up
Ladies Put Yo Hands Up
If U Got That Good Sex

Ooh My Goodness
Sex At 1st Sight Girl
When I Look At U
Walkin And Talkin
While U Strutin That Thang
Across The Room
Shit U Almost Made Me Spill My Drink
All Over Me Girl
Where U Get That Booty Girl?
I Wanna
Smack, Smack Flip It Up
Jump On Me Like Double Dutch
Baby, Give Yo Hand 2 Me
Let's Get Down On 23's
And I'll Be Windin It Slow
While Yo Juices Flow(Whoa, Whoa)
Baby Girl Please Believe
That Can't Nobody Please Yo Body
Like My Body Can Please Yo Body
And Girl I Can Back It Up
Just Give Me A Chance To Sex It Up(Oh)
On Yo Knees In Dat (Rolls)
While I'm Hittin It(Slow)
Girl I'm Puttin On A(Show)
Then Right After Sex
We Can Spend The Night Together
Wake Up
And Be Like Whatever
It Doesn't Matter 2 Me
As Long As Ur Chillin Wit Me
Say I'm Gonna Make Ur Body Go(Eek,Eek,Eek,Eek,Eek)
Girl I Promise 2 Make Yo Body Go(Eek,Eek,Eek,Eek,Eek)
Girl U Don't Have 2 Take Off No Clothes
It's A Shame U Look So Good
That I Wanna Hit It Wit Yo Clothes On

Now When It Come 2 Cuttin
Can't Nobody Fade Dawg
Come N Get Wit The Twist
I'm A Made Star
Wit One Grip Of The Wrist
Like Ray Charles
I Know She Thick
And The Dick Gon Stay Hard
I Ain't Gotta Say I Fucked Her
I Can Just Straight Out Fuck Her
I Can Use My Mind
When I Touch Her
Pretty Skin Wit Yo Look Right Structure
The Only Difference Between Us
Is U On The Dance Floor
And I'm The On Tip
But We Both Be Grindin
I Know That U Good Up In The Bed
When They Bumpin Reggae Music
N Yo Waist Be Windin
I Love It How U Make Yo Booty Move
When The DJ Go(Er,Er,Er,Er)
I'm Love It When We Get Up In The Bed
N The Headboard Go(Er,Er,Er,Er)


Girl, I Wanna Hit It Wit Yo Clothes On
Baby, U Don't Have 2 Take Them Boy Shorts Off
Let Me Tell U Why
Cuz I Got My Hand On Yo Shoulders
Bout 2 Move A Lil Things Over
Bout 2 Kiss U Down Yo Back
Then After That I'm Gonna Cling On Ya
(Muah,Muah,Muah,Muah) Gonna Kiss Yo Body, Kiss Yo Body Girl
(Muah,Muah,Muah,Muah) Let's Get Up Out Of This Party Girl
When U Drop It, Stop It, Roll It, Pop It
Make It Jerk N Wind It, Work It
Then Baby Girl I Already Know

[Chorus: Til Song Fades]