Sex Planet Testo

Testo Sex Planet

[Kells: Speaking]
I Don't Know Man, Maybe I May Of Missed Something
U Know What I'm Sayin, Maybe Yall Know Something I Don't Know
But I Like Slow Dancing In The Club
Fuck The Bullshit
I Like Gettin Close 2 A Fine Ass Chick, U Feel Me
So DJ Wayne Williams, Put On A Slow Cut.

[Verse 1:]
Jupiter, Pluto, Venus And Saturn
I'm Leavin Earth Girl 2 Explore Ur Galaxy
10 To Zero, Blast Off, Here We Go
We'll Be Climaxin Til We Reach Mercury Girl
Tell Me Are U Ready Girl
To Take A Trip Out Of This World
I Guarantee U'll Like It
It'll Take Yo Breath Away
Gonna Get U So Excited
Once I Taste Ur Milky Way
Girl, Spend The Night
Come Take A Flight With Me
Out In 2 Space
Girl U Sending Me These Sexual Energies
And I Gotta Grab It
Right Now I've Gotta Have It
Shooting Stars, A Trip 2 Mars
I Can Get Us There, From Where We Are
So Don't Trip I Gotta Giant Rocket
Gliding Through Just Hittin Yo Pockets
Sex Planet, Come Fly Away With Me
Ridin My Ecstacy, Out In The Galaxy
Sex Planet, Get Ready 4 Take Off Baby
Zoommmmmmmmm....Have A Safe Trip Baby

[Verse 2:]
Now It's Just Us Both
I've Got The Controls
In The Middle Of Darkness
Girl Relax And Just Flow
I'm About 2 Twinkle It And Touch Yo Soul
Once I Enter Into Ur Black Hole
(Baby, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)
Girl, Now That Ur Next 2 Me
We'll Be Just Like Satellites
Watchin Over The Earth
We'll Make Space Our Paradise
Girl I Promise This Will Be Painless(Painless)
We'll Take A Trip 2 Planet Uranus(Anus)
Ooh, Just Put Ur Trust In Me
And Girl I Promise Destination
Will Be A Trip That U Will Never Forget
I'm Gonna Take U Outta Of This World
So Hold On Tight My Dear
Cuz I'mma Bout 2 Take U Out Of Here
And Get U To My....


We'll Stick A Flag On The Moon
First Couple 2 Ever Make Love On Planet Neptune
And If Time Allow Us
We'll Be Gone For Hours
I Won't Stop Until I Give U Meteor Showers
So If U Want It Say Ooh
And If U Need It Say, Ooh
And If U Really Gotta Have It Say, Ooh
And U Want Me 2 Take U 2 Space


So Get Ready 4 Lift Off Baby.
U Ready
Hold On 2 This
Here We Go

R Minus 10
Baby, Start Our Engines And Now....
Blast Off, Blast Off
Said It Feels So Good
Girl When We...
Blast Off
See My Rocket It So Full Of Fuel, Baby
Yes It Is
Blast Off
There For, We Can Ride All Through The Night