Could've Fooled Me Testo

Testo Could've Fooled Me

1st Verse

Don't ask, what am I gonna do
'Cause it hasn't even started sinking in
Need time, time to think it through
How am I supposed to know where I begin?
Suddenly, I'm alone here
Loving me isn't in your plans
Yesterday you were mine
And my heart was in your hands


Could've fooled me
Turned out I was wrong
You knew all along
That one day you'd be leaving
Could've fooled me
I was so secure
Confident and sure we were meant to be
You could've fooled me

2nd verse

So sad, I'm the last to know
Would've bet my life we were going all the way
It's too bad you didn't let me go
If you were honest then, I'd be over you today
Now suddenly, I'm alone here
Loving me doesn't feel so right
Yesterday you were mine
But we're history tonight

Repeat Chorus


There was no indication
No warning, no signs
I guess you could say that I...
I must have been blind

Repeat Chorus