Sentimental Testo

Testo Sentimental

1st Verse

I know it's two in the morning
Sorry for calling so late
I never get any warning
Something comes over me
And I cannot wait
I want to be with you
Just like it used to be...


I'm feeling sentimental tonight
Darling, don't you know that I will never get over you
Sentimental don't remember what's wrong or right...
It's just a feeling that'll help me get through the night

2nd Verse

I saw your sister in town today
She wanted to know if I was okay
I tried to pretend everything was cool
She said, "Tears don't lie and I know the truth"
Oh, I want you, I need you
To do what we used to do!

Repeat Chorus

If I'm incurable
Then you're my disease
But I don't mind feeling this way
If you'll come and see about me!

Repeat Chorus