It's Her Testo

Testo It's Her

Slow down girl youre moving way too fast
Breaking into my heart, it wont last
Trust me Ive been there before
Why wont you listen?
Oh please. Get over yourself
Excuse me, I gotta be moving on

Its Her I cant stop dreaming about
Its Her I wont live my life without
Cant you see its not so easy?
To be in love and be alone

Tonight I think Ill waste my time
And fill my head with lies I wish I could believe
Trust me Ive been there before
Why wont she listen?
I think Im going crazy
Love was never this hard to play

Could you look me into the eye?
And Tell me everything is fine
And youre happy where you are
When all you know is oh so far away
And the stars no longer shine
Like they did the first time we kissed
Tell me its not too late
And everything could be the same