Room To Breathe Testo

Testo Room To Breathe

Cliché and typical never was the type for me
Pictures up on her wall of golden boys I’ll never be
She'll never meet, yeah
I let go of the make-believe
I realized this just isn’t me
It’s time for a change, a change of scenery
I’ll transpose my affections into awkward confessions
Sending letters I never meant to send
At separate ends of the states
We’ve got room to breathe
And it feels so good to me
Like everything I wanted in this world
Is here to stay, so I won’t waste another day
On thoughts of you that are never coming true
We've got room, we've got room to breathe

Remember what you said that night on the beach
The water at our feet and our clothes in the sand
This is what I get for thinking wishfully
I know none of that came true
I feel, I fell for you
Should've known, should've known all along
At separate ends of the stakes

Girls like you are overrated
I hope this is everything you needed