Hgh Testo

Testo Hgh


[Verse 1]
Time to wake they ass up, niggas sleeping on me still
Better hit ya snooze button, who fronting niggas lunching'
Clock punching but you telling me how to do my J-O
Should be on that Shawty Lo diet, Dunny They Know
Who the best is and who the rest is
Poke my chest out like 2 breast is
Don't forget the message
Disposing of you wannabes the flow is so precious
Fat shit meshes like a blend
Backspin shall I pretend
You can hold a candle to my everlasting zeal
Be real nigga, I kill niggas
I don't feel what the rest of them be talking 'bout
A bunch of gossiping bitches, Little Richard
Take a picture, these scriptures pulsating through your eardrum
If you feel like you really want it, come and get some
Chilled long enough, played the back, now I'm at where
Rosa Parks sat, couple lashes on the back
Imagine that, it's a wrap for you muhfuckas
Nah really it's a wrap if you plan on setting traps
I advise that you think about it cousin
I give you 4 bars while my phone buzzing
Hold on...


[Verse 2]
My mama ain't raise no fool
You niggas is cool and cool kids fail classes
Passed all of mine, I'm a master
Hip hop fascism, haves and have-nots rap classism, do the knowledge
I dropped out of high school but I finished college
Young man with a lot of mileage
Fuck the little kid games, I'm working on my aim
Starting not to feel shit like I took some novacane
The pain in your side that'll never subside
You can run, you can hide, I will find you
Nigga I'll remind you, I'm killing you, the chalk outlined you
If you that nice, (huh) why nobody signed you
The skills outshine you, bars unparalleled
You fear me like a 2 man cell
I excel where you ended, 48 laws I amended
Fucking with me not recommended
Nigga start shit, I will end it
It's more like a scrimmage, better yet a practice
Your effort deemed hapless
Young cats are classless
A couple of 'em nice but the rest of 'em actresses
Word up