Preface Testo

Testo Preface

[Verse 1: Rapper Big Pooh]

Came to a fork in the road
I decided to go left
This is gravel uncharted for me
Until I'm on my last breath I'mma push on
Momma yelling be strong
Got to provide her with fruit
Spoils of my loot through this industry
Searching for a way out becoming my own enemy
The inner me is way out of alignment
I wasn't raised in this type of climate
I'm okay being an outcast
Where these women trying to out ass
And niggas trying to out cash each other
My goal was simply outlast
But I lost to many brothers
Now I got to question if I want it
Every day I'm waking up
I've arrived to the point where I do give a fuck
Cause many going to criticize what some can truly do
I'm honored to be apart of the few
Its Rapper

[Hook: Blakksoul]

Turn on the lights
Get this chip up off of my shoulders
Tried to weigh me down never count me out
This game is far from over
Open your eyes
Keep it moving on the same train
New motivation with the same lane
They'll never crutch me with the same cane
Open your eyes

[Verse 2: Rapper Big Pooh]

Money running low
Confidence lower
I thought it got easy as I got older
A man with pride I don't need a shoulder
To lean on as I'm listening to phenoms
Seeming like I'm eons from ever shining
Getting my just do forever grinding
Not exactly comfortable where I am
And when I finally get there I'll probably want more
I've never been content with just trying to score
Filling up the stat sheet
Running like a track meet
When cats meet the humble man wins
I guarantee you that you need him in the end
So now you understand the cold demeanor when you see me
I'm a King upon the chessboard
Yes Lord
These niggas is trying to do their best Lord to test
But that bullshit don't impress me
It's Rapper