Oceans Testo

Testo Oceans

Standing, staring
at this reflection
into these eyes
that always do stare back
but not this time

as dust settles on your shoulders
everything goes by
but not this time
these arms are getting weary
these legs worn out
and time is lying heavy on your back

don't call this house a home
the doors are closed
these hallways are abandoned

you take these stairs alone
this room, it lay reposed
the floor breaks open where you took your stand
now you can see the shore
the waves embrace your
waiving heart

and while your lungs give up
try to think of better days
the choice was yours
and still i see your face

your eyes were screaming burden
please take your hands off me
and waking upon hours
there was no such thing as sleep
your dreams were setting sail
and the moral of the sea
it keeps what it devours
unheard fades your last hail

when sleepless nights won't tell me
the reason why
here's to the memories that replace the stars tonight
we hope you found your light

I still remember
days that felt much better
and now oceans do us part