Spotlights Testo

Testo Spotlights

You showed nothing
and I don't care
for your prayers
for they are selfish cries
and nothing more

call them all the betrayers
just to keep you out of touch
you don't need nothing
but standing in the spot-light

we got told that talk is cheap
until you have to pay
and you will pay

this is not the time
for I told you so
this is not the time
to tell me we are stuck

as we still care to shine so brave
this shall not be wasted
not for other waking days
while time will show
the heart of this structure
held together by ties from afar

don't let your face get into my sight
and speak a word of what is right to me
I am so done

don't ask to pay attention
I won't need another proof
from you

when it will track you down
with every move
you make

this not your time

you showed nothing

this face begins to bore
while the last scene is drawn
failing just like before
will break you before breaking dawn