Forever Ended Today Testo

Testo Forever Ended Today

Hey, it's me. it's good to hear your voice.
but it's been too long, it's been too long.
Since I've held you in my arms.
But the night is young and so is my heart when we walk together.

Hey, it's me. It's good to taste your lips.
but it's been too long, been too long.
But i still remember our night together.
when you held me tight, like the night we said "goodbye".
where we walked together.
Well this is my one last chance to say
Goodbye to you. in the story light. ya.
so i'll take every second they give before we expire. ya.
we thought we'd last forever but all that faded away.
forever and forever ended today.

All my tomorrows and yesterdays.
were burried in this mess i've made.
for you you're my catalist.
you've started the fire in my heart.
now we're crossed the fog lines
and its too late to stay.
and i'm the only one left on this star.
left on this star.
and i'm the only one locked on this star.
locked on this star.
and i'm the only one.
ya i'm the only one.
And i'm home...and i'm home and i'm home and i'm ho-o-ome.
yes i'm home yes i'm ho-o-o-ome