Meant To Be Testo

Testo Meant To Be

Trouble weighing heavy baby on your mind
Your daily bread's become a daily grind
You know the story, you know the truth
I feel you way down deep
Child you're meant to be with me

Can't read your cards, ain't no fortune teller
Tried stargazing didn't do much better
One thing's I know, one thing I see
Mercy, mercy, me
You and me were meant to be

You think our meeting was accidental
Sheer coincidence
Hey heaven baby was instrumental
Can't ignore the evidence

It don't matter where we pitch our tent
Living on love and paying no rent
Mountain high or valley low
Your heart's what I call home
Can't you see, you're meant to be with me


It ain't no secret far as secrets go
Ain't no need to wonder how in the world I know
You know you can't deny it, when your heart tells you so
You and me are meant to be