Thank You Card Testo

Testo Thank You Card

I wrote you a card
Did you get your mail today?
Breakin' up is hard to do
But there's something I must say
I struggled all night to find the words
So I could write them down
To tell you just the way I feel
Since you're not around

I just want to thank you, thank you
For leaving me behind
How can I say thank you, thank you
No one ever treated me so kind
Never had it so good (So good)
You did me a favor, bless your heart
So I just had to send you a thank you card

Sorry for your loss
That's what people say to me
But I am so happy
You're so far away from me
Cause I would've missed my angel
God sent from up above
He came along right after you left
Now I found true love


You could have stayed, Prolonged my misery
But surely you must know dear, what you did was best for me