Ratchetouillie Testo

Testo Ratchetouillie

Honestly, Ratatouille is like the best Pixar movie, and that's only because it has food
I don't care what anyone says, it is the best Disney Pixar movie, okay?
You cannot deny that it's the best movie

Ayy, ayy, we be coming out from Prada while you coming out from Ross
Bitches call me Ratatouille cause I'm drippin' with the sauce
I be rollin' with my heely's and I’m flexin' with my crocs
And these people hating on my name, so I'ma pray to Jah
And since I am a woman, I am cookin' in the kitchen
And I'm cookin' all these verses with a side of curry chicken
You a chicken, quit your bitching
You cannot ride with my vision
I just ate a winners plate and it is tastin' so delicious
Press F on the keyboard, better give me respect
And since I'm whippin' in the kitchen, call me the chef
Telling me to check your music, but I already left
Ratatouille, get this cheese while I'm hitting Collete
Ayy yeah, I don’t want your cooties, I want cilantro
And my homies sucks my toes while I be eatin' milanos
I be makin' so much music, you can call me Apollo
And I’m painting so much hits, like I am Pablo Picasso, ayy, yeah

You a rat, lil' bitch, how many times I gotta say it?
Don't hit me back for the feat, I'm tryna feast, I'm tryna slay it
I'ma eat up the opps like a four course meal
I'ma chef with my beats and you produce banana peels
Got me running, running, running, like a rat from the skinner
Cookin' burgers, gettin' smokey and they call me Seymour skinner
They say, "MOL$, how you do it? How you fuckin' up the game?"
Been 6 months and you ain't call back, bet you do not know my name
No I don't! Blowin' up
Homies hit me, want my money
Want my stuff, I'ma have to call the bluff
Had enough with yo' bullshit
Postin' on the gram that you own shit
Never heard your stuff, but if you're bangin', no one knows it
Call me Boom 'cause I'm soaking up the clout like a sponge
Eating good shit maybe I don't know I'm off the munchies
Tie my noose with scrunchies
Over dose, I'm off Deez
Blow up, came from nothing
Keep it runnin' and it's monthly, yeah

Ayy, ayy, ayy-ayy