Tape B Testo

Testo Tape B

What’s that? Reptile and Wonder? Yeah, play that

He got bars and I told him “boy show me”
Wrist bust down cause i’m rocking 20 rollie’s
Don’t got love, only family and homies
Game so easy i’ve been doing it since ‘03
I got bars bitch, call me mike tyson
People call me planet Neptune, cause i’m raining diamonds
Songs so trash, all your features cost a dollar
Slaughter all the beats, people call me jeffrey dahmer
Switching up the flow like the switcher in a switchblade
I don’t really care about the money that you just made
Seen a lot of people in my life that are two faced
So I’m cutting off all these people like a sensei
Boy talk shit and he saying he a friend of me
New t-shirt, think he a got new identity
I am not your best friend, we don’t got the chemistry
Everything about you makes me wanna do some ketamine
With that kind of attitude, you will not go far
I can tell this by posture and your efforts not hard
Pushing people right below you, I know you won’t be a star
Sit down and be humble like you kendrick lamar
Homie you don’t got the charm, thinking bout the foreign cars
Life’s a game, like the maze, with a minotaur taur
Get the fuck out with your ego and go put it in a jar
Saying you got all clout, but i do not know who you are

Um hold up
Hey hi how are you?
Yeah my name is Wonder, pussy, who the fuck are you?
And the pockets getting fatter everyday like Majin Buu
And in case that you were interested bitch here’s the fucking scoop
I’m that motherfucker
I let ‘em know about it
Bitches coming up to me like “Wonder, you’re fucking outstanding! I’m your biggest fan!”
Ok bitch I motherfucking doubt it
Cause it seems to me that that spot is already fucking crowded
I can’t
Fuck with any broke ass bitch
You need
Chapstick for your gross ass lips
And if you’re speaking on my name, I make these dumbasses flip
Motherfuckers can’t react
I get the bread that quick
Pussy uh
What the fuck you meant hoe?
Shit been blowing up like I just mixed it with some mentos
She hopped up in the car and started giving me some mental
That ain’t even my whip but just a motherfucking rental, aye!