The Nard Way Testo

Testo The Nard Way

Retaliate bringing the hardcore reality
2006 representing n-a-r-d
my oxnard brothers got my motherfucking back
and all the nerds that talk smack are gonna get fucking bitchslapped
madball's taking out the bro'd out motherfuckers
frenchy's getting wasted with the grande brothers
big dave proud of samoan blood
aaron and max watching stoned age smoking blunts

getting faded in the car outside the show
high life/natty ice - the only way to go
you know the night was great when you feel it the next day
you know the night was great - moshing to retaliate

you cant take this away from me
as long as my heart still beats
as long as my lungs still breathe
as long as my veins still bleed