King Dong Testo

Testo King Dong

You ring my bell
With your ring ding ding dong a ding a ling
You wipe my mouth with your smile
You make my day when you shoop swoop soup shoop a shimmy shake
I want you to be here tonight
Come over and tease me tonight

You talk a good game
But if it's all the same
I'd like you to
Show me what you can do
With your big boop boop a boopy tube

You knock me flat
When you bend over spank spank a spanky splat
You zap me back with your charge
You get me set
For your big bad extra exorcet
Come over and blow me apart

I'll take it all like a good girl
I'll be so bad for you now

You talk a good game
But all the same I'd never fuss
You want to make love
With that rub dub shimmy shimmy
Ooh la la

You ring my bell with that diing dong ding dong
You shake me up with your rub dub dub dub a love a duck