Stabbed Testo

Testo Stabbed

Was some thing I said
Really so bad
Such a faux pas as to incur your wrath
So thoroughly
Some thing I did
So deserving of this
I'd take it all back if I known you'd react
So suddenly

One minute the world's at your dancing feet
The next you're six feet deep
Making food for worms as they twist and turn
And devour me

I've been stabbed
I've been stabbed
It feels like I've been stabbed
In the back

You're driving it home
Through flesh into bone
You whittle and carve another notch in my heart
So easily
One flash of your eyes
And I'm slashed up inside
Like Pedigree Chum when your laser-like tongue
Lashes out at me

You leave me for dead but you're not finished yet
You've only one regret
You just ignored at I scratched and clawed
In self defence

I've been stabbed....

The flowers and cards
Amuse me for hours
As I hover unknown in my celestial zone
Observing you
I must say you shine
Your grief it's sublime
I'm here in a daze a spiritual glaze
Of martyrdom

The thing I learned is you deserve
To take my life
Cos I'd rather be dead a victim till the end
And I deserve to die

I've been stabbed....