Dope Girl Testo

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Testo Dope Girl

Riskay drama queen um what every dope boy need um muthafuckin dope girl

[Chorus: x2]
Um dope girl, um dope girl, um dope girl, um dope girl I can pop it like x, roll it like a blunt,
Get you hook like coke so daddy what you want

[Verse 1:]
Yeah um soft like coke but I'm hard like crack um the best thing going from the bottom of the map
In a minute I can go from a yard to a stack if you feenin you can find this broad in the trap with the strap
In the lack on the dope boy lap cause the dope girls know where the dope boys at yeah
Um in the club with my dope girl click on the dance floor doing that dope girl shit if you got enough doe you
Can get you a hit but dope girl pussy cost more then a brick yeah and it's clean and pure and uncut
So holla at cha girl when you get cha money up.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Do just dope girl break it on down whip it on up make it drop to the ground now serve it to
A nigga like you working in a trap if you serve it to him good girl I bet he come back oh I bet he run back
Tryna get another hit tellin everyone that you got that good shit yeah dope girls everywhere from
The bottom of the map even way up there in new york where them girl get that money for themselve they don't
Na nigga cause they huslte for themselve yeah so if a nigga try to play you like a trick tell that muthafucka
Like this bitch nigga.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
This for my dope girls in the strip club with that grade a niggas pay that grip fo you
A dope boy nigga throw them chips up and if your broke boy what the fuck you here fo wastin a bitch time
Um tryna to get mine and shit free so nigga quit tryna I make them niggas throw them dollars when a bitch grind
So stop touch on the produce if you ain't buy show me the money money throw me the money money um on the stage treppin
Because um money hungry um out to get the dollars by any means daddy I got that work if your a feen daddy.

[Chorus x2]