Fuck Boi Testo

Testo Fuck Boi

I'm so tired of ya'll niggas always talkin bout ya'll know trick ya'll know plies ya'll know jeezy ya'll know akon
Ya'll pussy niggas always tell them lies to get in draws nigga ya'll can't tell me ya'll can't sell me on a muthafuckin thing
Cause I know you ain't nothing but a fuck boy.

Oh no she didn't (oh no she didn't) oh yes I did (oh yes I did) drama queen nigga um tell it like it is cause you a fuck boy
And nigga in your click, fuck boys too cause they rolling with you I know some real niggas but it's only a few so if your
A real nigga keep on doing whatcha do but if you ride with a fuck boy or hang with a fuck boy you might as well change your fuckin name to
A fuck boy you in da trap but you don't slang you a fuck boy you got a choppa but you don't bang you a fuck boy a lot of dope boy in the game be
Some fuck boys so if you hate this that's a shame you a fuck boy

Stop sreamin you can take care of a bitch and your ridin around stunt in another nigga shit you a 50 pack nigga you ain't movin no brick you a fuck boy
Puttin rims on rental like you got it dat like that pulling out your lil choppa like you bout it like dat you're pussy ass nigga you ain't rowdy like dat you're a fuck boy

Yeah pull out your knock let me see whatcha got bet you got a lot of ones with a hundren on top you be talkin bout shit dat you know you don't got your just an lt
Nigga get you own spot a betta yet nigga get your crib yeah get own car put it on 26 um sick of see you in another nigga shit would you please stop ridin on another nigga dick
A cause you ain't never slang cane on the block with your thing cocked you ain't never had to drop clown cause your a lair so fuck boy retire yeah and everybody
Know you ain't gon pop that's the same glock you had when your homey got shot down and you didn't fire yeah so fuck boy retire.


[Verse: male]
See you the type hoe nigga acting like you got work keep it realer with the reals but you say you got a vert you ain't got no clientele know your nextel chrip you ain't reup
To try see your money on the 1st you ain't got your on crib that's your girlfrind house and everybody know that corner store jewery in your mouth you see laugh when I see you
In the club with your crew in your brotha tommy hil and your best friends shoes why we buying up the bar with the henn and the goose we getting loose with a couple dime brizal
In the booth you be going half on a cup of liquor with your boo and to be honest fuck boy shit that ain't what it do.

[music play out]