Rascal (Remix) Testo

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Testo Rascal (Remix)

Fuck the police, today I'm givin’ it up
Keep my money up, I been sippin' the cup
Pay my lawyer to stick ups
We call the cops, they can't get us
Better than the opps that’s with us, yeah
Chasin' these blue strips, often elusive
'Member since nuisances, they label us with they two cents
Recruit us to shoot us, they harassin' us, all pursuin'
Ride for what's right, the news reporters, they lootin', yeah
Revolution, propoganda
They even try to break us down and point guns with our hands up
It's fuck twelve, man, they ain’t been losin’ they manners
Fuck around and [?] with a red bandana
I'm ready to die, lay it down
Don’t buy my dawg no pajamas, yeah, yeah