Gang Testo

Testo Gang

[Bridge: Rowdy Rebel]
Got a couple of bucks with a couple more guns just to hit all these niggas
Who the fuck is these guys? I don't fuck with them niggas
GS9 are my guys, they pull a lot of them triggers
OTF are my guys, stomp the door it's a stick up

[Hook: Lil Durk]

[Verse 1: Rowdy Rebel]
Slide them doors it's a stick up, hit all of them niggas, they proud of them niggas
And when you start up with niggas, we'll steady gun down all of them niggas
And Monty can get you, when Monty come get you, you'll be outta this picture
Ain't none of us different, the only thing different is this money I'm getting
And these bitches I’m hitting, hotel from hotel bring all of them bitches
Bitch I ride for the gang, do or die for the gang, put a shot in your brain
Ain't no riding on gang, ain't no hiding from gang, you can die from gang

[Bridge + Hook]

[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Gang bang, bullets go bang bang
Call Zoo with the MAC, he don't play games
Stuck in that jam, mask up on that cam, I say lawyers I don't say names
Chiraq with .30's on .40's
I bang, so we smoking on shawty (Tooka)
Any hood, any gang ain't worrried
Shooters on deck like Kylie Irving
Shooters go boom, boom, boom
One false move then he on the news
Homicide call it, don't get confused
Lil nigga 15 doing 22
Free Nine, free Rose, free 22
In the hood it ain't hard to find
NYC posted with the nine
I'm out on bond with a Glock 9
Bitch I'm GANG!

[Bridge + Hook]