When It Won't Leave Testo

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Testo When It Won't Leave

I was tired and afraid
as we spoke on the interstate,
now I am sitting on this train
as all the scenery is sweeping me away.
I'm not sure what to say,
and I can't just make this go away.
I tried to put it underground,
now it's resurfacing
and I'm headed its way.
There's things I've gotta' face
and I don't wanna' learn that the hard way.
I am heading home.

I thought about death,
and I thought about my friends,
and how it's been a rough year
with out you around.
And I know it's gotta' change,
and I know there's things I can't explain,
like why you died so young
and nothing feels the same.

There's things I've gotta face
and I already learned one of them the hard way.
I am heading home.