Murder We Wrote Testo

Testo Murder We Wrote

[Apocalips (Sha Gotti)]
(Yo when you frontin son? I'ma murder one of y'all dudes
Hot shot one, now that nigga's maggot food
Forty-fifth'll make a nigga change his attitude
Rapid fire, tryin to hit him off this latitude)
My crew be livin like Kings but we ain't Latin
You don't know the half like the mothafuckin fraction
Tough actin like Tinactin, breakin backs in
Fatigue gear, blood on my boots, no more fashion
Trust me son, Ruthless you don't wanna battle
(cuz you'll be up shits creek without a fuckin paddle)
The heat is guarentee to seat you like a saddle
(Me and the God, we bringin beef like cattle)
Avoidin snakes that rattle (Rat tails that tattle)
Paranoid, gettin ice grilled by the double barrel
(Know what they say about these scared cats, tell everyone
but I got guns to make 'em really run, you hear me son?)
Now here's the plan, clear the block it's like that
because they said they got gats, you think I fear that?
I hear that, procrastinate or retaliate, you'll never win
The crews' in Timbs, I knock you all down like roller blades
(Eh yo my gat is contagious, watch out you might catch it
Come in my town, think twice cuz shit is hectic
Blunts leavin you cuttin, you ain't sayin nothin
Slit you from your fuckin forehead to your belly button)
Who you be? (Sha Gotti, always bustin a shotti and fuckin your hottie
High as Hell, beam up like Scotty, rock my hair knotty
Eighty cops can't stop me so anybody try me)
No doubt, put your best man up, I kick his ass too
and bash you, and get my fuckin nut off like cashew
I don't get down with these clowns cuz they don't know me
Just hold me down and watch me bust 'em down just like a stoggy
What? Guns I tote, amateurs take note, then you can quote/unquote
It's Murder We Wrote (We murdered this son)

[Chorus: all (Sha Gotti)]
Murder We Wrote (Murder, murder)
Murder We Wrote (It's murder on tape, boby bags, mental tags
Murder We Wrote (Niggaz don't know the half while we ready to blast)
Murder We Wrote

[Infrared (Blizzard)]
Even the realest niggaz cry, fake ass niggaz lie
(cuz the Stakes is High like De La, that's prob'ly why)
We all locked down in the streets, grab the heat and sad to release
(I'm sick of the beast, tired of these mothafuckas harassin
Disturbin the blunt passin) I see life flashin and techs cashin
Laced in fatique fashion (My team askin, what time kids be blastin?)
Smashin anythin in sight for the right price, quick to pull a heist
Got your fuckin guns off the Christ (So think twice
While me and my man, we kick the logic, I'm from the psychotic project
Lay me game down so we can get the prophet) Stop it
You don't want, it's Inf' the first blunted (Blizzard)
The fifth (I puff lye to overcome it and turn into a savage
When I was young I used to see bullets fly past my carriage)
and not the average, we still tryin to live lavish
Ruthless Bastards, a deep mob bringin havoc
with mad wisdom, take over like communism
A military that's ready to break down the prison
to set all my people free, so we could live equally
(Frontin hard like statues but ain't no liberty
You got the beast to seem to question me, B-L-I-double Z-A-R-D
My style's fat, and all jealous ones envy
I keep my eye on that pig, gimme, I got to take, gimme
So I could measure and get these mothafuckas pleasure
They all sick and we ain't gettin no better
I'm gettin tired of seein my people's funerals
So I figure blowin trees in my ritual)
Hold up, this shit ain't over until I represent my soldiers
We form like Voltron and connect at the shoulders
Guns we tote, weed we smoke, Murder We Wrote
Take your trip across the boat and washed up like soap
and matter of fact dunn, yo Truck load up the Mac-one
Put me up on the top cuz I'm a put one in 'em cats dunn
[gun shots]

[Chorus x2]

Outro: Sha Gotti
Bring it! My whole crews' blastin
You want somethin baby?
Fuck one time nigga
It's always over